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GST Cancellation

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When to go for GST Cancellation

Businesses can get their registration cancelled under GST in below mentioned cases:

  1.  Discontinuance or closure of a business.
  2. Transfer of business, amalgamation, merger, de-merger, lease, or other pertinent reasons.
  3. Turnover reduces below the threshold limit of GST registration.
  4. Death of the sole proprietor.
  5. Change in the constitution of business which results in a change of PAN.

GST Cancellation by GST Officer

GST registration can be Cancelled by GST Officer in below mentioned cases:

GST cancellation? Documents Required GST Fees

Yes, GST registration have to apply from start along with all documents along with a valid reason.

  • Contact address, which includes the mobile number and e-mail address.
  • Reason for cancellation.
  • The desired date of cancellation.
  • Particulars of the value and the tax payable on the stock of inputs, the inputs available in semi-finished goods, inputs available in finished goods, and the stock of capital goods/plant and machinery.
  • Particulars of the latest GST return are filed by the taxpayer along with the ARN of the particular return.

Government Fees: Nil

Expertub Fees:

Rs. 2,000/- For Individuals

Rs. 5,000/- For Company or Partnership Firm

Inclusions in our Fee

-Experts Opinion and Consultancy

-Answers to all your Queries

-Documents Preparation

-GST Cancellation Application Filling by experts

-Obtaining Cancellation Order -Filing of Final Return

- Guidance on steps to be followed after GST Cancellaion.

Time Involved in complete GST Registration – Average 30 to 60 Working Days


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